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Level 1

FCC Technician License Exam Prep Course

Level 1: Technician License Course
Covers all questions in the current FCC Technician Question Pool 2018-2022 and the NEW 2022-2026 Question Pool
Level 1: Technician License Course

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Video lessons

10 Video Lessons

Instructional videos that teach ALL the material quickly & effectively.

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Student Support Team

Our student support team is is available to help with any issues.

Taught by Ham Radio Experts

Taught by Experts

Taught by real ham radio operators with decades of experience.

Correct Answers Highlighted in Blue

As you read the lessons, easily recognize the correct answers.

Learn the Concepts

Every concept explained in an easy to understand way.

Unlimited Practice Tests

Built exactly like the FCC test using every subpool.

Real ham radio examples

See ham radio in action as you learn the material.

Learning games

Matching games and flashcards to build memory.

What You'll Learn

Video Lesson
Text Lesson
Lesson 1 Video Free Preview
Intro to amateur radio Text
Quiz – FFC rules and operator responsibilities 10 Questions
Lesson 2 Video 10 minutes
Operating procedures chapter Text
Quiz – operating procedures 10 Questions
Lesson 3 Video 8 minutes
Radio wave characteristics chapter Text
Quiz – radio wave characteristics 10 Questions
Lesson 4 Video 6 minutes
Amateur radio practices chapterText
Quiz – amateur radio practices and station setup10 Questions
Lesson 5 Video 16 minutes
Electrical principles chapterText
Electrical Principle Definitions GameMultimedia
Quiz – electrical components 10 Questions
Lesson 6 Video 6 minutes
Electrical components chapterText
Electrical Component Definitions GameMultimedia
Quiz – eletrical components 10 Questions
Lesson 7 Video 10 minutes
Station equipment chapterText
Station Equipment Definitions GameMultimedia
Quiz – station equipment 10 Questions
Modulation modes video 12 minutes
Modulation modes chapterText
Quiz – modulation modes10 Questions
Lesson 9 video 6 minutes
Antenna and feedlines chapterText
Quiz – antennas and feedlines10 Questions
Lesson 10 video8 minutes
Electrical safety chapterText
Quiz – electrical safety10 Questions
Random Question Generator
FCC Part 97
Student Appreciation Gift
Ham Radio Definitions

Taught by Ham Radio Experts

Jim Reed, N4BFR

Jim Reed (N4BFR) is an Amateur Extra class ham that enjoys helping new hams grow in the hobby. Jim’s work appears on both the American Radio Club and Ham Radio Prep websites, where he is the voice of the new Technician Class instructional videos. Jim also publishes to his own YouTube channel, is a volunteer examiner, and has achieved many operating awards like DXCC, Worked all States and Worked all Continents.

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Olivia from Texas
“The concept of radio has always intrigued me,” Olivia of Texas says, adding: “The thought of talking to people around the country was just exciting… Read full review.
Brandon Currin
Brandon Currin says “Thanks American Radio Club! Passed my Tech and General today with flying colors! Yeehaw”.
Reshard of Texas
Reshard of Texas says he got his ham license because he wanted to learn how to operate ham radios. Now he can! Read full review.
Raziel of California
Raziel of California recently got his Technician class FCC ham license, Raziel says this: “As a firearms instructor, some courses end up being in secluded places… Read full review.
Huy of Illinois
Drones and other things about ham radio interest Huy of Illinois, so he studied with American Radio Club and took his Technician class license test — and passed!
Tom of Washington State
Tom of Washington said he thought amateur radio would be a fun hobby when he retired and his wife gave him a handheld radio for Christmas… Read full review.
Garry and Cindy from Florida
Couples that ham together stay together! Right? Garry and Cindy from Florida studied with American Radio Club for their FCC Technician class licenses — and they both passed! Read full review.
Sean of Indiana
“One word: Baofeng.” That’s the reason Sean of Indiana studied with American Radio Club and now has both his FCC Technician and General licenses… Read full review.
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