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ARC Partnership

At the American Radio Club, we know that the amateur radio community is stronger together. We offer best-in-industry partner benefits and revenue sharing.

ARC Partnership

YouTubers + Social Media Influencers + Bloggers

Do you have an audience who would benefit from joining the American Radio Club? We offer a revenue-sharing model where you can make up to $15 per signup, AND offer your listeners up to a $15 discount coupon.

You can monitor your sales and payouts in real time from our best-in-class affiliate portal. Note: For tax purposes, you must fill out a W9 to accept automatic payouts for your sales.

Amateur Radio Manufacturers / Distributors

Do you have a great amateur radio product that our members will love? We have an online store and a large audience to distribute your product. Get in touch with us so we can evaluate your product and establish a partnership.

Emergency Response Groups, Hospitals, and More

Do you have a large organization that could benefit from bulk discounts, or do you need a large group of people to be trained in amateur radio? Reach out and let us know, and we are more than happy to help!

Local Ham Radio Clubs​

The American Radio Club is a national organization, but amateur radio needs local amateur radio clubs to grow and support amateur radio.

We sponsor local amateur radio clubs with a $15 per member sign up discount, $15 per member signup bonus and renewal bonus EVERY year, support for local events, and much more.

The process is completely transparent and you can monitor your sign up proceeds and renewal proceeds right from the ARC platform!

Learn more and apply to be sponsored by the American Radio Club: HERE

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More questions?
Email us at [email protected]!

More questions?
Email us at [email protected]!

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