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How the American Radio Club can support your local club

Local amateur radio clubs are critical for the future and growth of amateur radio. The American Radio Club does everything possible to support and help grow local amateur radio clubs.

If you are a member or leader of a local amateur radio club, here is how the American Radio Club can support you:

There is no cost to your club to join as an ARC affiliate.

Signup is completely free of charge for your club, and there is no obligation for all of your members to join the American Radio Club. 

This is an added benefit you can offer to your club members who will now get a discount on their American Radio Club membership, and a benefit to your club as you will receive $15 per member per year. Every year.

Benefits to Your Club Members

1. Your club will receive a unique coupon code so that all of your members receive $15 off their American Radio Club sign up. This makes it easy for your members to afford membership to ARC and your local club.

2. The best in industry study & learning materials, so your members can easily study for their license or upgrade. Great for individual study or group sessions.

3. Best in industry community network to discuss important topics with other hams.

4. Your club members can network with members from other clubs inside our community to share best practices and tips.

Benefits to Your Club

1. For every member of your club that signs up with your club, your club will receive $15 per member, payable directly to your club (you must have a legal entity for your club to qualify), in perpetuity (you also receive $15 on all renewals).

Payouts are automatic on a monthly basis, and you can easily track your commissions in real-time from your club admin dashboard. This provides full transparency and ease-of-use. This makes sure you receive your payments right away.

2. ARC will actively help you recruit new members in your area from our vast network of ARC members.

3. Events sponsorships – get raffle gifts for events, event advertising, and more.

4. Your club admins get access to a private group admin chat group to share best practices with other club admins.


If you are interested in becoming a club affiliate with the American Radio Club, please fill out the following application:

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We would hate to see you go! If you're experiencing technical issues or have questions or suggestions regarding your American Radio Club experience, we would be happy to help you! Please feel free to contact our member success team.