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Level 3

Amateur Extra License Exam Prep Course

Level 3: Amateur Extra License Course

FCC Amateur Extra Question Pool 2020-2024

Level 3: Amateur Extra License Course

Benefits of Upgrading to Amateur Extra:

New Frequencies on the HF Bands

All Amateur Band Privileges

Access to ALL frequencies allocated to the Amateur Service, including additional HF frequencies.

Easier to Operate Overseas - Benefits of Upgrading to Extra License Course

Easier to Operate Overseas

Full reciprocal operating privileges in most of Europe and more, subject to restrictions.

New Operating Mode Privileges and More

New Operating Mode Privileges and More

Operate in new modes in the allotted frequency ranges, special vanity call sign privileges, and more.

What You'll Learn

Text Lesson
E1A. Operating standardsText
E1B. Station restrictions and special operationsText
E1C. Definitions and restrictions pertaining to local, automatic and remote control operationText
E1D. Amateur space and Earth stationsText
E1E. Volunteer examiner programText
E1F. Miscellaneous rulesText
Commission rules quiz10 Questions
E2A. Amateur radio in spaceText
E2B. Television practicesText
E2C. Operating methods – Part 1Text
E2D. Operating methods – Part 2Text
E2E. Operating methods – Part 3Text
Operating procedures quiz10 Questions
E3A. Electromagnetic wavesText
E3B. Transequatorial propagationText
E3C. Radio horizonText
Radio wave propagation quiz 10 Questions
E4A. Test equipmentText
E4B. Measurement technique and limitationsText
E4C. Receiver performance characteristics Text
E4D. Receiver performance characteristics Text
E4E. Noise suppression and interference Text
Amateur practices quiz10 Questions
E5A. Resonance and QText
E5B. Time constants and phase relationshipsText
E5C. Coordinate systems and phasors in electronicsText
E5D. AC and RF energy in real circuitsText
Electrical principles quiz 10 Questions
E6A. Semiconductor materials and devices Text
E6B. DiodesText
E6C. Digital ICsText
E6D. Toroidal and Solenoidal InductorsText
E6E. Analog ICsText
E6F. Electro-optical technologyText
Circuit components quiz 10 Questions
E7A. Digital circuitsText
E7B. AmplifiersText
E7C. Filters and matching networksText
E7D. Power supplies and voltage regulatorsText
E7E. Modulation and demodulationText
E7F. DSP filtering and other operationsText
E7G. Active filters and op-amp circuits Text
E7H. Oscillators and signal sources Text
Practical circuits quiz10 Questions
E8A. AC waveformsText
E8B. Modulation and demodulationText
E8C. Digital signalsText
E8D. Keying defects and overmodulation of digital signalsText
Signals and emissions quiz 10 Questions
E9A. Basic antenna parametersText
E9B. Antenna patterns and designsText
E9C. Practical wire antennasText
E9D. Yagi antennasText
E9E. MatchingText
E9F. Transmission linesText
E9G. The Smith chartText
Lesson 9: Antennas and feed lines Text
E9H. Receiving antennasText
Antennas and Transmission Lines Quiz10 Questions
E10A. SafetyText
Safety quiz10 Questions
FCC Extra Practice Test
FCC rules Part 97
Ham Radio Definitions
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